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Get GCS All Drones

This API is used to retrieve all registered and unregistered drones.


Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.


GET : get all the GCS enabled drones

HTTP Request

HTTP Response

Response codes explanation:
message: "ok" { response shown on right side }
request parameters missing
internal server error

Code Snippet

Take a look at how you might call this method using our official libraries, or via curl:
curl GET " "
-H "Authorization: Bearer <API_key>"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
// require the myapi module and set it up with your API key
var myHeaders = new Headers();
myHeaders.append("Authorization", "Bearer" <API_key>);
var requestOptions = {
headers: myHeaders,
redirect :'follow'
// Set your API key before making the request
import requests
url ="
payload = {}
headers = {
'Authorization' : 'Bearer' <API_key>,

API Response

"drones": [
"drone_id": "P00001DESKTOP-4R4A4U6E",
"drone_name": "DroneD",
"userid": "edb1bf33-0a01-4362-8474-e54e97873391",
"project": null,
"plan": null,
"last_keep_alive": null,
"last_tele_data": null,
"total_flight_time": {
"minutes": 41,
"seconds": 24,
"milliseconds": 181
"last_flight_log": null,
"flight_id": null,
"stream_key": null,
"registered_date": "2023-08-24T13:36:35.451Z",
"lease_drone": false,
"drone_rent": "0",
"dsp_drone_id": null,
"uin": null,
"id": "edf7cf95-9a09-44b4-b887-cdd3039f91b9"
"drone_id": "P00001DESKTOP-A7J4QKQ",
"drone_name": "drone29",
"userid": "edb1bf33-0a01-4362-8474-e54e97873391",
"project": null,
"plan": null,
"last_keep_alive": null,
"last_tele_data": null,
"total_flight_time": {},
"last_flight_log": null,
"flight_id": null,
"stream_key": null,
"registered_date": "2023-08-29T11:24:22.275Z",
"lease_drone": false,
"drone_rent": "0",
"dsp_drone_id": null,
"uin": null,
"id": "03063e58-a012-4a91-9b0f-bc2aedc9bf06"
"unregisteredAssignedDrones": []

Response Parameter Details

  • drone_id : Unique identifier for the drone
  • drone_name : Name or label associated with the drone
  • userid : ID of the user associated with the drone.
  • project : Project or initiative the drone is associated with.
  • plan : Flight plan associated with the drone.
  • last_keep_alive : Timestamp of the drone's last keep-alive signal.
  • last_tele_data :Timestamp of the last telemetry data received from the drone.
  • total_flight_time : Accumulated flight time of the drone.
  • last_flight_log : Information about the most recent flight log.
  • flight_id : Identifier for a specific flight.
  • stream_key : Unique key associated with the drone's video stream needs to send to media server
  • registered_date : Timestamp indicating when the drone was registered.
  • lease_drone : Indicates if the drone is on lease.
  • dsp_drone_id : Identifier associated with the drone in a particular Drone Service Provider (DSP).
  • uin : User Identification Number.
  • id : Another identifier associated with the drone.