AeroGCS Enterprise APIs

We are empowering seamless drone data integration and analysis with AeroGCS Enterprise or custom dashboards.


Welcome to the AeroGCS Enterprise API documentation! This guide helps developers integrate AeroGCS Enterprise API into their applications.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive API Reference: Detailed descriptions of each API endpoint, including authentication, request parameters, and response formats.

  • Multilingual Code Examples: Code snippets in Shell, Python, and JavaScript, located next to each API description for easy access.

  • Language Flexibility: Switch between programming languages using tabs in the top right corner of the documentation.

Beyond AeroGCS Enterprise APIs:

This documentation can also assist with other cloud APIs, enhancing its value for your projects.

Harness the power of AeroGCS Enterprise API with clear explanations and multilingual support to streamline your drone management and data integration..

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