Get All Flights

This API is used to retrieve all flight logs

The "Get All Flights" API is utilized to retrieve all flights. This endpoint provides detailed information about each flight, including start and end times, drone ID, status, area covered, distance covered, and more.

Authentication with API Keys

This API uses API keys for authentication. To access the API, you'll need to include a valid API key in the Authorization header of your request using the Bearer token scheme. Here's the format:

Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>
  • Replace <YOUR_API_KEY> with your actual API key obtained from Aeromegh.

  • Requests without a valid API key will result in a 401 Unauthorized error.


GET: retrieve all the flight

HTTP Request{start}/{end}/{page}/{pageSize}?type={type}

URL Parameters

Note: To retrieve all records, set both the startIndex and pageSize values to '0' (zero).

Note: Convert human-readable date/time to Unix timestamp for using epoch time in the URL start time parameter, ensuring API compatibility.

HTTP Response

Response Codes Explanation:

Code Snippet

Take a look at how you might call this method using our of

curl --location '${droneId}/${fromDate}/${toDate}/${startIndex}/${pageSize}?type=${type}' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>'

Note: Replace <API_KEY> with the actual API_KEY provided by Aeromegh.

API Response

The API returns a JSON response with detailed information about each flight, including various parameters like ID, project name, plan name, start time, end time, drone ID, status, area covered, distance covered, and more. Additionally, it provides a count of the total number of flights.

    "logs": [
            "id": "02abe77f-75e5-4e6d-9f8d-ec09e6a1f481",
            "project_name": "ManualProject",
            "plan_name": "SprayingPlan",
            "user_id": "598cc675-8126-4d62-be60-03c8d4b5e62b",
            "start_time": "2024-05-06T13:12:11.000Z",
            "end_time": "2024-05-06T13:13:14.000Z",
            "drone_id": "P00001003A00433032511533383839",
            "streamkey": "apig87b47le",
            "stream_uploaded": true,
            "title": null,
            "stream_viewer_minutes": "0",
            "status": "ended",
            "last_activity": "2024-05-06T13:13:14.000Z",
            "area_covered": "0",
            "distance_covered": "66",
            "customer_id": null,
            "size": "0",
            "stream_base_id": null,
            "area_calculation_method": "spraying",
            "firmware_version_number": "ArduCopter V4.4.4 Secured",
            "green_build_number": "104.301.20240504.02",
            "drone_name": null,
            "uin": null
            "id": "c8f46700-248f-4d82-88ad-6ad9dc8780f7",
            "project_name": "ManualProject",
            "plan_name": "SprayingPlan",
            "user_id": "598cc675-8126-4d62-be60-03c8d4b5e62b",
            "start_time": "2024-05-04T06:32:27.008Z",
            "end_time": "2024-05-04T06:35:37.449Z",
            "drone_id": "P000010024003B3131510137383337",
            "streamkey": "apirxflz7xd",
            "stream_uploaded": true,
            "title": null,
            "stream_viewer_minutes": "0",
            "status": "ended",
            "last_activity": "2024-05-04T06:35:35.294Z",
            "area_covered": "9978",
            "distance_covered": "444",
            "customer_id": null,
            "size": "16.154824256896973",
            "stream_base_id": "9fb7b0b0-1a6e-4fbf-aaed-a74c9f4c53dd",
            "area_calculation_method": "plot",
            "firmware_version_number": "ArduCopter V4.4.4 Secured",
            "green_build_number": "104.298.20240503.01",
            "drone_name": "KAM29032024",
            "uin": "dfgdfgfg"
    "count": "2"

API Response Parameter Details

These parameters provide comprehensive insights into each recorded flight, facilitating effective analysis and management of aerial operations data.

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